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So the hours have been put in on the development side, with many more hours to come. I need to figure out my launch tactics and first and foremost pick a launch date and stick to it.

I have been designing sites for years, many many projects that have come and gone. For this I need a difference. I need a plan. I need to learn from before and have some tactics in place.

On my quest to figure out this launch I stumbled across Pat Flynn’s (@patflynn) epic article entitled “How to Launch a Brand New Website (With a Bang!): The Ultimate Guide”. His article really does go through everything i need.

  1. Read your content (duh!)
  2. Subscribe to your email list.
  3. Share your content and website with others.
  4. Engage on your website and leave comments.
  5. Get excited about what’s coming next.

As Pat puts it these five points are literally hitting the nail on the head with what every web programmer wants to see when he or she pushes their site live. We all know it doesn’t happen just like that though. Putting it all into practice takes work and dedication. Pat Flynn has since release a new book called “Will It Fly?” which i urge you to check out. As he puts it; deep down our goals is to really create the brand new niche. Create your content so users “cant live without it”.


So here is my plan. Here is what i need to prepare and achieve before i launch.

#1 My 7 seven second pitch:

So if someone were to ask me what my site was about now I would not get it all described in seven seconds. I know this is fundamental and I know I have to come up with something great! Thankfully my girlfriend is an outstanding content writer and word guru so she could help me out with this. I really do need to put everything going on into one simple sentence.

#2 Initial Content:

For my launch I am going to prepare 4 high quality articles. In “High quality” I want to contribute something fantastic, something really interesting in the current world of today’s creators. I want to readers to really read and enjoy, and if not save the article in my “save for later feature”. Viral content on HackerNews or Reddit is the best way to reach my target audience.

#3 My Google alert is set and ready to go:

Simple, yet something i never would have considered! (Google Alert) I have set up some google alerts to notify me of activity specifically related to CodeTuple.

#4 Double check my “Ready to go!” checklist: 

In this great article written by Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Solutions he outlines the essential necessary elements I need to have in place before I launch.

The Ultimate Website Launch Checklist: 55 Things To Do Before (and after) You Launch

#5 My share page.

I need to design a share page that includes everything marketers would need. All my logos, my links my Facebook share apps etc: mykidsadventures.com/share/. I need to provide the resources that future writers or bloggers may need if they decide to write about and discuss CodeTuple.

#6 How are people going to contact me?: 

This is still one thing i need to put work into. While i have the basics in place i really do need to have all the easy access points ready for my users.

Using Hootsuite as a platform for sharing across multiple social networks i plan on keeping all social channels open at all times and bridging that gap between users and web masters. I really want to hear what my users have to say. I once attended and open day at the Hootsuite HQ in Vancouver. Though i didn’t get to talk to Ryan Holmes (Founder and CEO of Hootsuite) i did see him roaming around their awesome office space. He is an inspiring guy!

#7 The 200 outreach program: “Neil Patel” – SPI Podcast Session #67

“On a spreadsheet, list the top 200 websites that are highly relevant to your topic who may be interested in what your site is about. Next to that column, add a space for either a contact form URL or an email address so you can easily contact the owners of these websites.

In another column, start listing the top 200 blogs.

In additional columns, list the top 200 Facebook Fan Pages, then Twitter Accounts, then LinkedIn profiles.

I would also add as many relevant podcasts to that spreadsheet as possible.

This spreadsheet will become your go-to resource for who to reach out to and start building relationships with, and yes—you can start building these relationships before you officially launch your website.”

This will take time. This will also be invaluable in my launch. I need the right people and networks behind me.

#8 Submit my site to Internet Directories:

Slightly time consuming more than anything. Regardless i do need to have the generics in order. Apart form ensuring that my site is correctly found through major search engines and directories i do need to ensure that everything is up to standard SEO standards before officially launching.


#9 Paying for outreach on CodeTuple social networks and PPC:

Yes! Lets do it. I will invest a given amount of money and direct the traffic properly. Up until reading “5 Ways to Use Ads to Promote Your Website Redesign for a Quick Win” by Infusionsoft i generally though of this tactic as more of a waste of money. I really do think that promoting my site would help in that initial launch. Certainly gearing it directly towards my target audience is the way to properly communicate.

#10 Hit the Press Releases: 

I have heard that targeting the top PR firms in tech can go a long way in getting bloggers and writers to review and write about your site. While i know literally nothing about PR i feel like i do need to get into this more.

#11 Reach out to local news: 

Based in Vancouver i am planning on reaching out to some local news establishments to get my name out there. Local news companies love hearing about new startup based projects going on in the city. I need to compile a list and start gaining some contacts before launch date.


So that’ its. That is my plan so far. I will check in again when i have the above ready to go and of course document value info i have learned while achieving the above.


Eoin Butler (Founder)

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