hiberfil.sys - Removing the largest file on your windows OS

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Friday, September 30, 2016

If your like me you have found yourself in a position where you want to search for the largest files that reside on your windows OS and what to remove them.

Finding the largets files on your machine is relatively simple.

  1. Open up your file expolrer.
  2. In the search box type "size:gigantic" as shown below.
  3. Sort the list by size.


The first two files you "should" see are as in the image above. For different machines this may vary. These two are quite common.

So what does this gigantic file hiberfil.sys do?

hiberfil.sys is essentially a power management file that writes the memory to the hard drive while it powers the machine down. It should "in theory" allow you to begin from where you left off if your laptop runs out of battery.

Hibernate mode uses this file to store the current state of your machines memory.

Unfortunaltely as it is manage by windows you can't completely delete this file, however there is a workaround to prohibit using hibernate mode.

Open up your command prompt and enter the following

powercfg -h off

This will disable hibernate mode from your machine. You should probably run CCLeaner and restart your machine to get the full effects of removing this feature.


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